Modern Horizons 2 Preview

Thanks for joining me for another Magic: the Gathering card preview!

Today we are proud to preview a new uncommon from the up and coming Modern Horizons 2 set released next month.

Ok there is a bit to talk about with this one so let’s get to it!

Card Back Card Front
Card Back Card Front

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The Converge mechanic makes a return in this set. The mechanic allows you to spend different colours of magic for a greater effect. So for 1 White mana we can exile say; Birds of Paradise, Soul-Scar Mage, Deathrite Shaman, or Cauldron Familiar (as long as they don’t throw it in an oven first). Or how about Stonecoil Serpent!

Each additional coloured mana you spend you can now target a bigger creature! For Modern Constructed I could think of these great targets at each casting cost…



Heliod, Sun Crowned

Arclight Phoenix

Ox of Agonas

Oh yes by the way this is Exiled, not destroy so out you go pesky Persisting Kitchen Finks!

The downside here for me is the Sorcery speed so I feel like this would best be used on early creatures or one of the pesky one’s.

In commander this spell just becomes another spell to exile troublesome creatures by your opponents. Unfortunately, until WotC actually release the ‘Purple’ colour this card can’t target things like Primeval Titan or Sheoldred, Whispering One but it will take out the vast majority of the rest of your opponents creatures.

You can find this card in the upcoming Modern Horizons 2 set which is up for pre order on our website. Click Here for the full range.

- Glenn Doyle