Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is the next Magic set, released on Friday 18th February, with pre releases happening around the world from Friday 11th February.


The setting for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is a return to the 2004/5 Kamigawa block of sets however rather than a Feudal oriental set, we find ourselves in the futuristic version of Kamigawa. A cyberpunk style plane with its roots in the feudal orient of the past. The set is full of new Ninjas which are sure to please, it also includes new Saga cards.  


Introduced back in Dominaria, the Saga enchantment type has been a great way of using Magic lore in cards. Stories like The Antiquities War, the Battle for Bretagard and even the Legendary Urza’s Saga itself, have been built into these Enchantments!


When you cast a Saga, the story starts to unfold, with the placement of the first Lore Counter and that part of the story is told. Then in subsequent turns the next part of the story is told.


Here’s our preview card!


Card Back Card Front

Just hover over the card to reveal.

As we set about Befriending these giant moths we will be able to buff our creatures and also give them flying for a turn. But that is not all.

Card Back Card Front

Just hover over the card to reveal.

 After some considerable training the Imperial Moth will transform from the Saga to do battle at our side!


I am really looking forward to this set, the flavour and art looks amazing and there are bound to be tons of cards to fill your decks with.


I hope you have enjoyed another preview from us at The Games Capital.


See you all soon!

- By Glenn Doyle