Hello everyone, welcome to another Magic: The Gathering preview from The Games Capital.

This time we've been asked to show off a card from the upcoming Double Masters set, and i'm very excited because this card is something of a personal favourite of mine.

Multicolored cards have always appealed more to me as a player than their monocolored brethren, mixing two or more colours together on a card sometimes means the card is twice (or more!) as power.ful

Fitting for Double Masters, this card doubles down on the inherent power of multicolored creatures.

Card Front 

Originally printed in Return to Ravnica, Civic Saber has seen play in countless draft decks as an extremely cheap source of a permanent +2/+0, helping you trade up or put the pressure on your opponent. Turn 1 Rakdos Cackler turn 2 Civic Saber was a pretty aggressive opening and if your opponent stumbled, could very easily have taken games.

Look out for Civic Saber if your Double Masters Draft decks are leaning towards multicoloured creatures, some spicy ones that will work well with the theme that have already been previewed include Sprouting Thrinax, Gloryscale Viashino and Cartel Aristocrat.

Once again, thank you to Wizards of the Coast for providing us with this preview card.

- By Tyler Kent