Gorsh released the bird. He chuckled to himself as it screeched into flight. Soon the bird would lead the party to the dungeon they had been searching for. There Gorsh and his party would defeat the trials within and claim the lost crown for their chieftain… as well as some gold on the side, but the Chieftain didn’t need to know that.

Welcome to another Magic: the Gathering preview from us here at The Games Capital! This time around we have two cards for you from the upcoming set Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

This is the first Magic: the Gathering set in the Dungeons & Dragons world of the Forgotten Realms. That’s right, it’s a Magic set, full of D&D flavoured Cards!

I have never been more excited for a Magic set, as these two properties are my number 1 & 2 favourite things in all gaming.

Ok, let’s have a look at the first card!

Ranger's Hawk (click here to preorder)

Card Back Card Front

Just hover over the card to reveal.

Ranger’s Hawk, seems pretty neat, 1/1 Flyers for W are pretty good, and it’s another bird for the Kangee, Sky Warden fans (you know who you are), but wait what is Venture into the Dungeon?

Wizards of the Coast announced this the other day and you can find that article here.

Ok this is really awesome, I love the flavour of this mechanic. The Dungeon cards seem like a lot of fun. Let’s see how Gorsh is getting on...

Hmm, ok so that didn’t go so well, Gorsh thought, applying the healing balm to his injuries. The party had arrived at the dungeon only to be met by stiff defence: Wizards, why is it always wizards?! A few of the party were lost, no matter, more gold for the rest of them! Gorsh rose to his feet and drew his bow and rallied the party to again Venture into the Dungeon!


Intrepid Outlander (click here to preorder)

Just hover over the card to reveal.


Intrepid Outlander is a great card. A 2/3 creature for 1G with Reach is pretty solid. Attacking with 6 power or more means that once again we trigger the Venture Into the Dungeon ability and can move on to the next challenge!
Both of these cards are extremely flavourful and I love this whole dungeon-delving idea.

This set looks truly amazing. It is great for all levels of Magic players, whether you are a rusted on die hard, or a new player looking to get in.

The best part is that this is a great way for existing D&D fans to delve into the Magic world and see what the game is all about, with characters and worlds that they will be able to relate to.

This is also a great way for Magic players to get a taste of Dungeons & Dragons in their own way by using one of the best fantasy worlds ever created.

I hope you have enjoyed the spoiler cards. You can preorder all Magic: the Gathering Adventures in the Forgotten Realms products on our website right now!

- By Glenn Doyle